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I got an email with a link to get a free sample of CBD as long as I pay the shipping which was advertised at $2.95. I went through the process of signing up and giving my credit card info and at that point it's still hadn't even told me that I was going to be charged $90 and there was a rebate process that I had to go through.

I actually got the number from my bank account and the person charging me wasn't the person that said it was going to be charging me at some other name it said that it was going to be charged to me by somebody called nutruscope and that wasn't the person that was on my receipt or on any other website that I had gone to to order at this particular sample it said that it would be charged to me as neutral scope it was not. Then the free sample shipping price jump from 295 to 595 and that's fine because it was a free sample. When I called to talk to is the guy he said that he could not refund my money he could not cancel the order or anything because of some system that they were using basically a I'm going to rob your *** you stupid customer system. I actually read the terms and conditions I read everything and it said something about a rebate but it did not give me a price.

The receipt that was given to me on the screen did not show me a price of $89 and my emailed receipt to me did not show the price of how much I was going to be charged. I then told the guy I said well obviously you don't really care because you're probably in some Outsource call center in Mumbai India and you're just doing your job and you're getting paid and you don't care. The person who later identified himself as one Jason Alvarez who he said he is the owner of the company and I could not talk to any other supervisor above him because he's the owner. He called me a racist because of me saying that they Outsource call centers to India which is an actual thing that businesses do.

I don't enjoy being called a racist by anybody especially in this day in age where we have a orange clown in the White House that makes Reese's I'm okay I am not a racist and I don't enjoy being called one. I do not recommend this company to anybody just on their customer service policies alone why is a customer service rep calling me a racist? I don't know about their products at all don't want to know about their products I will be seeing if my bank can stop this charge tomorrow disputed do something hopefully that can happen otherwise I'm out $90 for a one fluid ounce bottle of CBD oil which is supposed to last me 30 days. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee as well but I don't know how that works with this supposed rebate situation.

I asked them if the rebate was going to be made cash to me or if it was going to be credited towards the company and they would not answer me on that either they said we will help you with a rebate when you receive it call us back I do not recommend this company if anybody wants CBD oils and CBD samples I highly recommend hempworx which is a company that I am an affiliate for and there's no hidden charges behind their samples. It's $11.95 for shipping and you get a retinol cream a another kind of cream I can't think of off top my head I'll collagen and then you get a pain relief cream and two small bottles of cvd just to try out their products I highly recommend that sample of hempworx but not this Pro Naturals care CBD oil these people are thieves and I'm stupid that I fell for it but I tried to look at those terms and conditions and all of that I didn't see anything that would make me not want to order it because of a high price.

Oh did I mention that the customer service representative Jason Alvarez who says that he's the owner of the company called me a racist which is completely uncalled for. And Jamie Richardson is the owner and i guess this is backed by Shark Tank tv.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pro Naturals Cbd Cbd Oil Free Trial.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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This review has elements that have nothing to do with the product. The poster is entitled to their political opinions off-site (and even the 'racial' issues mentioned I feel the person goes too far with...) We get it, people are abused and disgruntled...but harping on issues unrelated to the product gets tiring quickly...

I have read a number of reviews and complaints on this site, and I see it often...people aggressively and unashamedly use these forums to vent their political bellyaching and seemingly want to (partially) blame their negative consumer experiences on the President.

That just makes me want to go out and support the product they are whining about...just to spite them. :-)